Casting Couch: Big Bundle #1 P.J. Cooper


Published: July 15th 2015



Casting Couch: Big Bundle #1  by  P.J. Cooper

Casting Couch: Big Bundle #1 by P.J. Cooper
July 15th 2015 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | | ISBN: | 3.48 Mb

A three-book bundle featuring the stories below:#1) Lingerie AuditionSamantha Summers has just arrived in the big city after graduating from Beaver College in Tennessee. Like many before her she has driving ambition and dreams of stardom. She moves into Hells Kitchen and her first few moments there are truly hell. A cop befriends her and warns her that you cant trust anyone and everyone has a scam in the city. Sam doesnt let this stop her as moves in with a new roommate and before the day is out has two auditions for commercials already lined up.

One for dog food and one where she has to model something. She is counting on the modeling gig. But she didnt count on Alvin Kline. Hes been producing young pretty models in commercials in the city for years. His charm meter is off the charts. Hes an alpha who knows how to work it and work it real good. Will impressionable young Samantha from Beaver College fall into his trap? Youll have to read the story and find out.#2) The ProducerA tale of lust and betrayal and lust again in a climax you may not expect. Its freaky but 100% HOT.#3) Alien PenetrationRichards silly comment about Sam being abducted by aliens has triggered a memory buried deep within her mind.

One night after college at her Moms house located down a lonely dirt road she had this wild XXX-rated scary alien sex dream. It scared the crap out of her but at the same time it aroused her like nothing ever had in her life. As she begins to tell Richard about the alien gang bang dream the details come back to her so vividly they both start to wonder if it really did happen.

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