Florida Tides Duane Hayslett


Published: January 25th 2010


214 pages


Florida Tides  by  Duane Hayslett

Florida Tides by Duane Hayslett
January 25th 2010 | Nook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 214 pages | ISBN: | 5.12 Mb

Peter Lawrences reign will span fifty years. During that time, he will become a billionaire in one of the most powerful syndicates in Chicago with ties in Colombia and Mexico. He will kill the most powerful drug lord in the cartel as revenge for killing his wife, Laura. Read about:The brutal murders in Florida that change his life in Chicago.The deal the Feds give Laura, Jason and Brandy.Being unaware that Lacy and Michael are international drug smugglers?that costs them their lives.All the people Peter helps with money early in their careers are his people.

Larry, the lawyer, will become a judge on the Supreme Court. John Larson, the fast and polished stockbroker, works within Wall Street and the Chicago Board of Trade. Ann Dalton, the mistress of PL Inc., is a beauty with brains. Wendy Kinze, his long-time girlfriend, will become his wife. The secret she holds - that Peter is a professional hitman for his syndicate - means that their marriage is forever.

Sam, their friend, and Vedal and his brother, Hector, are loyal workers who control their playpen. Carl and Troy Lawrence are cold-hearted murderers for Peter. Big Daves brother, Bob, went to prison for him. Randy, his brother-in-law, takes his power from the streets.Peter starts working for Allen Silverman ate the age of twenty.

He learns the ins and outs of the Gold Coast - Michigan Avenue. He will carry the bag to City Hall. He meets Laura Stein, sixteen years older than Peter, and they fall in love. She teaches Peter to juggle in the game, and she turns him out. On Lauras holiday in Florida, Lacy and Michael are killed on their boat. They drift in the tides. No money or drugs are taken.

Laura, Brandy, Jenny, and Jason are offered a deal by the Feds. They are given a make-over. Laura calls Peter to clean her apartment of all the money. She says he only has an hour before the Feds show. What?s there is his, and he must never try to find her or contact her. She tells Peter she loves him and to take it and get out of the game clean.

Thats how Peter got his money. Peter goes there and finds over a million dollars in cash and jewelry, along with four kilos of cocaine.Wendy is his part-time girlfriend, and she helps him hide the loot. Vedal is his oldest friend who works at a successful beauty shop on Michigan Avenue. Peter has the money, and he buys a bar for cash.

Vedal has knowledge they bought a beauty shop. Peter buys Wendy a house - the same home they still live in today.

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